Ms Splosion Man

In my previous post about Twisted Pixel I said I was expecting Ms. Splosion Man to be a good game. I was right. Ms. Splosion Man is a plat former made by Twisted Pixel. Ms. Splosion Man added a lot more items and a few more bad guys to fight that made more puzzles that involved quick thinking. Certain things were slightly changed from Splosion Man to fit with a girls theme. The fat guy that you used as a meat shield while they played a song about donuts is now a fat women named Mandy that you literally jump into and use as a meat shield while they play a song called Oh Mandy. If you died enough times in Splosion Man you could skip the next level but you would have to wear a tutu until you beat the next level, while in Ms. Splosion Man if you die enough times then you could skip to the next check point but you would have a huge butt and they would play a song about how huge your badonkadonk is, in both games you would get zero points for beating the level. In the first level you had to fight the first boss from Splosion man, but don’t worry, you have to fight him differently so it’s kind of different. One thing many could find annoying was Ms. Splosion Man’s voice. I personally thought it was funny cause she made a bunch of references to famous country or pop songs. They have a lot of secret levels, which I found a little annoying but I understand that Twisted Pixel would want people to play it a lot to find the secret exit. Speaking of which, they had a mall in the game where you would buy content. How would you buy the content, by beating levels and using the credits you earned from it. The final boss was a big reference to Punch Out. So after a while it becomes super easy because you notice what the boss does before a certain move. I was a little disappointed that you didn’t use explosions to fight the boss but I got over it. Lonny Watershed made another song for Twisted Pixel except it was for the multiplayer ending. If you get frustrated too easily at games then Ms. Splosion Man is not for you. Overall Ms. Splosion man is a good game. If you have an Xbox Live account then I would recommend getting 800 Microsoft points and buying the game or at least trying the demo.

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