Twisted Pixel

Twisted Pixel is a video game company made in 2006. Twisted Pixel makes very unique video games. They’ve made games like “Splosion Man”, a plat former where you use explosions to jump. Another one of their games is Comic Jumper; the Adventures of Captain Smiley. It’s a side scrolling beat-em up where you play a comic book hero for hire. In my opinion games made by Twisted Pixel are usually amazing. They recently came out with “Ms. Splosion Man”. I haven’t got it yet but I expect it to be a good game. When they were making Splosion Man they only had about six months to make it so they couldn’t have as much in the game as they wanted. That wasn’t the case for Ms. Splosion Man, they had about a year to make it. A lot of people have a problem with Ms. Splosion Man cause they think it’s too much like Ms. Pac man. Personally I don’t mind the name of a game if it’s a good game. A lot of their games are in the Xbox live Game Marketplace. You need a Xbox Live account to go to the game marketplace, which cost money. Then to get the games you need Microsoft points that you can get at the store. So if your getting an Xbox live account just for the game market place then your just using money to use money.

Twisted Pixel is definitely worth checking out. If you already have an Xbox Live account then I recommend at least trying a demo for one of Twisted Pixels games.

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