RPG’s on Android

Anybody knows me knows I love a good role playing game, So when I got my new android I scavenged the market for rpg’s. The three I got are called Andor’s Trail, Inotia 3 Children of Carnia, and Zenonia 3 the Midgard Story. Andor’s trail is about a short chubby kid trying to find his missing brother. It has mostly everything an rpg needs, except for a compelling story. His brother went missing and I spend most of the time in the forest killing rabid boars for gold and boots. When you talk with people a text box opens up and tells you what they’re saying. They would talk without end sometimes. If you die you lose practically half your experience which isn’t that easy to get. They’re have been a few times when I was as far away from the starting town as possible and when I died you start back in the first town because you can sleep in any other bed apparently. Over all Andor’s trail is a game to kill time. I like Inotia 3 because you can choose your class. I always start with the wizard class, always. Inotia 3 is a lot of fun if you don’t mind it freezing some time. It doesn’t happen a lot but it isn’t a rare event. Most of the time when you walk into a building an ad will pop up. You can take it down almost right away so no big deal right? Wrong. There have been a few times when the add would block the screen and I couldn’t take it down. I would recommend starting off with the Templar. They have a spell that heals the team slightly. While the priest is better at healing, they aren’t good for going out and killing monsters, and the first person on your team is a priest. Your character has a skill tree and you only get one skill point for leveling up. When some one joins your team immediately look at their skill tree, the game will have given them skill points for whatever level they are. Inotia 3 auto aims for you when a monster is near by. When I wanted to do a surprise attack on a monster I hit the attack button, charged at it full speed then… attacked the bush right next to it. So much for a surprise attack. While the priest isn’t a good fighter you’ll always want one on the team. While my character and my barbarian died during a boss fight, I made the priest run around the room healing itself, when I had full health I attacked the boss, almost die, then repeat the process. Side quest are extremely important, you want be as high level as you can be. I didn’t do all the side quest. Where I’m at right now the boss kills me in three hits. Now for Zenonia. It has a similar story idea, You love a girl and right before you tell her you get forced into a quest. Zenonia doesn’t auto aim for you, so you have to stand right in front of the monsters and attack. I you’re standing a little to the side then your attack will curve. The monster are called “Unique monsters” but one area was full of velociraptor’s. I’m not joking, that’s what they were called. You have a fairy that powers up certain skills depending on what skill stones you give it. In both Inotia and Zenonia the cut scenes are important. My cousin played Zenonia and didn’t watch the cut scenes so he spent a couple minutes trying to attack the fairy thinking it was a monster attacking him.

In 3rd place is Andor’s Trail. 1st is a draw between Zenonia and Inotia. Yes It is just a coincidence that the both first place games have a wizard in them.