St. lucia

St. Lucia is a great place to be for vacation or anything else. I love going to the beach even though every time I swim I get sand in my eyes (but I would just say thats bad luck). One thing I’ve done a couple of times is I would just sit down on a log and watch the ocean. There is a magnificent view of another island on the south side. At any time of day St. Lucia is a beautiful place. What I enjoyed seeing was the sulfer volcano a little bit out of town. There is a town a little bit away from the volcano that is a very scenic place. Boats dock in this town, there is a church, a gift shop, places to eat, and more. In St. Lucia there are alot of things to do. You could go snorkling and see the beautiful sea creatures, you could also go horse back riding.
Wether its horse back riding or just relaxing, St. Lucia is a wonderful place to go to.

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