Portal 2

Portal 2 is a puzzle game that has lived up to what every one was expecting it to be. The game play is simple, it’s teaches you how to play it easily if you haven’t played the first portal (I recommend you play the first portal though). In Portal you are the test subject Chell testing the “duel portal gun”. With the portal gun you shoot a blue portal and an orange portal. In portal 2 you have to solve the puzzles in increasingly interesting ways. Aperture science is the place where you being tested. The story line is brilliant, one of the best story lines I’ve ever seen in a video game. You play a test subject who has been stuck in “Aperture science” under solitary confinement for years when the robot Wheatly (voiced by Stephen Merchant) helps her try to escape. When trying to find an escape pod they accidentally turn on GLaDOS “Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System” (voiced by Ellen Mclain). GLaDOS has not forgiven Chell for “murdering her” (look into the first portal). GLaDOS forces you to go through test chambers again. I’m not telling you any more of the story line even though it’s brilliant. In Portal 2 Valve added the co-op mode. I played it with my brother, It was also great. In co-op you and player 2 play Atlas and P-body. I played through it in one day with my brother. You couldn’t have just played it through by yourself. Valve did a good job of making it need two people and still enjoyable.

I highly recommend buying the game. It’s only around 8 hours of game play, but that’s not including the co-op. It’s worth every cent. This is one of my favorite games. I give this game five stars, two thumbs up, ten out of ten,

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