Halo MegaBloks

Halo has finally made it to MegaBloks. I think it’s a great idea, a lot of people like Halo and a lot of people like lego like toys. What I also like is that you can get halo figures from packets. I’ve always had to buy a whole set just to get a few figures. they wanted it to be a mystery of what figure you would get but if you feel the packets you’ll find out what weapon they have and that’s usually what gives them away. I was able to get 4 new figures by doing that. Whoever it was that made the Halo MegaBloks sets did a good job of making the sets look like things from the Halo games. What I like about the figures is that unlike Lego, MegaBloks made the figures look more human like instead of making them look like boxes with faces drawn on them. I didn’t notice this until a friend pointed it out but MegaBloks is actually cheaper then Lego. A large set from lego would be sold for 150$ or 200$ but with MegaBloks it would be 100$. What some parents might have a problem with is that it’s a kid’s toy but Halo is rated M. You know what ran through my mind when I was piecing together a Halo set, if you guessed “I gotta play Halo, it’s gonna be bloody and violent and have everything a parent would hate” you would be wrong. What was going through my mind when I was piecing it together was how I should set it up on my desk to make it look like a war zone. My mind was at work, and most parents want to have their kids thinking and learning.

I really like the Halo MegaBloks. I think they’re awesome and worth getting a few sets.

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