The Gamecube

The Gamecube, does that name ring any bells. The Gamecube was Nintendo’s fourth home system made. I’m Blogging about the Gamecube cause a while a go I grabbed the Gamecube, dusted it off, and plugged it back in. When the Nintendo Wii came out the Gamecube became a hunk of junk. The Wii can play Gamecube games and has a Gamecube controller plug in. Lately I’ve had a hit of nostalgia and wanted to play Gamecube games with the Gamecube. I made a list of my favorite video games and realized that most of the games were Gamecube games. For example, Viewtiful Joe, its a game where you use movie effects to fight enemies and solve puzzles. Another Example would be Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, it has a good story line and it’s surprisingly more fun then it seems. There were some Gamecube games that were horrible, but there’s not a system I can think of that hasn’t had a few bad games.

I love the Gamecube and I wish that they still made games for it. There are a lot of fun games that weren’t made into Wii games or Xbox 360 or PS3. So I think it’s worth buying just for the experience and the few good games.

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