My new phone

A couple of weeks ago I got an HTC INSPIRE.  It is an amazing phone, you can post on facebook and the calender goes through all of your friends on facebook and marks when their birthday is.  I got a whole bunch of free apps, and they are extremely fun I passed a lot of time just on my phone.  It comes with a flashlight app and that’s used alot more than I expected. You can download free live wall papers, I used to have a matrix wall paper but at the moment I have a live rpg wall paper. I can watch videos from youtube, I’ve been able to keep up with videos from channels that I enjoy.  I’ve gotten mindless fun to useful apps. You can use voice search so I can text by talking to the phone and call just by saying “call mom” and it will call her. I can look at my emails from yahoo and

I really enjoy my new phone.

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