The Best of the Old School Games

Do you remember pac-man, or galaxian, or dig-dug. The games weren’t so complicated, but they were challenging. Today, Namco makes video game museums, I recently got a Namco video game museum, it has Galaxian, Pac-Man, Galaga, Xevious, Mappy, druaga, and Dig-Dug 2. All of the games in this museum are puzzle games, even if it doesn’t seem like they all have some puzzle. Back when they were in the arcades it would become addictting to play, for alot its addictting because they want their name at the top of the high score list, for others it’s just fun. As games evolved the games stopped using 8-bit style, they made video games with higher graphics. Old video games have had remakes, but they will never actually be a match, because of the artistic style and the glory of your name being at the top of the high score list for everyone to see.

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