Drop Something?

have you ever read a book but when they make a movie out of it they drop alot of important things, like in The Tail of Desperaux, Desperaux didn’t befriend Roscuro in fact he almost killed him, his tail was cut off by Miggery Sow, plus the Princess Pea hurt his feeling at the time when her mother died, but was any of that in the movie… No. Now in Dragon Ball Z Evolution, Goku go’s to high school but in the tv show he was raised in the forest and in the movie Bulma doesn’t have blue hair. I will tell you one more thing, the order of the movie The Tail of Desperaux the order of the movie was wrong, It was desperaux then Roscuro then Mig then back to desperaux but in the movie the order was Roscuro then Desperaux then mig then desperaux again. There is more that they dropped but they have somethings right.

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