The 10 similarities between The Chronicals of Vladimir Tod Eigth Grade Bite’s, and Twilight

  • First, OBVIOUSLY they both have vampires and only one knows they are.
  • Second, in both books the bad guy die’s at the end.
  • third, both main vampires had and have at least one vampire parent.
  • Fourth, both main vampires were special compared to other vampires.
  • Fifth, both main vampires can read minds.
  • Sixth, both main character’s were hunted by vampire’s.
  • Seventh, both main vampires went to a dance.
  • Eigth, both main characters faced a near death situtation.
  • Ninth, both main vampire’s drinked blood.
  • Tenth, both books has good vampires.

There are more similarities, but then again they’re differences too, but they’re both great books! keep an eye out for “The 10 Similarities between Vampire Sequals“.

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