Eyemaze Game’s

Have you ever heard of grow cube or grow island, if so you would know that the games are puzzle games where everything has to fall in the exact right place or you won’t win the game. Everything will power something else, you have to find a way to make so every item is at level max. Some grow games have more than one ending, for example grow island can end in a level� MAX or it can end in a level UFO. Not all Eyezmaze games are puzzle games, for example the TONTOKO FAMILY is a game where you have to guide the family through the obstacles. Eyemaze has also made a� game for the holidays and it is called� Happy X-mas Minigrow,� this game is like grow cube� because you to find a way to make all the trees covered in snow, have the christmas tree decorated, and have a star at the top of the tree, this is similar to grow cube because it gives you certain items� to make it to level max. Eyemaze is also alot of fun, but there are some weird things now and then.

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