The 10 Differences Between Vampire Books

The 10 differences between The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eigth Grade Bites, and Twilight,

  • First, Vlad puts on sunscreen so he doesn’t burst into flames by the sun, but in Twilight, vampires only sparkle when in the sun.
  • Second, Vlad’s parents are dead, but Edward’s parents aren’t dead.Â
  • Third, Vlad has lived in Bathory his entire life, but Bella goes to forks back and forth until Bella’s mom married Phil, and the Cullens just moved back from Alaska.
  • Fourth, Vlad drinks human blood that his aunt Nelly gets from the hospital, but the Cullens drink animal blood.
  • Fifth, Vlad has read only two minds and tried to read another, but Edward can read everyone’s mind except for Bella’s.
  • Sixth, Vlad is being bullied at school, but Edward is never bullied.
  • Seventh, Vlad is only half vampire, but the Cullens are completely vampires.
  • Eighth, Vlad likes to watch classical vampire movies, but it doesn’t mention in Twilight that Edward watches vampire movies or any TV at all.
  • Ninth, Vlad is being hunted by a vampire for his father’s crimes, but Edward isn’t hunted at all until Bella is hunted by a vampire for her blood.
  • And finally, tenth, Vlad does not own a car, but Edward owns a car, a nice volvo to be exact.

There are more differences, but then again there are similarities too but they’re both great books! Keep an eye out for “The 10 Differences Between Vampire Sequals”.

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